A boy with big dreams and a fiery spark attends a prestigious school for magical ribbon dancers  — but the competition is far more intense than he anticipated. “Spectacle” is available to read now, for Kindle and paperback, in Issue 80 of Leading Edge magazine.


Tower to Foundation

A girl sits alone in a tower, bearing her village’s burdens. Freedom will come at a high cost. “Tower to Foundation” is now available to read in Volume 5, Issue 1 of Night Picnic Press.

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A Weighted Whisper

In Carcer, the kingdom’s most secure prison, an inmate becomes the confidante of prisoners and wardens alike. One day, a new prisoner is brought in, and everything changes. “A Weighted Whisper” is available to read for free in SORTES Magazine, Issue #3: The Mysterious Hammer.


The Boy with Black Eyes

A past decision haunts an apprentice mage as a dark-eyed daemon preys on his fear. “The Boy with Black Eyes” is featured in The Magic Within, which is available for $12.99 paperback or $3.99 Kindle edition (or free with Kindle Unlimited).

The Nightmare Cover

The Nightmare: A Short Story

Hades, the ruler of the deadlands, finds light in the gloomiest of places and struggles to protect the only shred of innocence left in a world controlled by gods. The classic Greek myth is told from the point of view of the god of the Underworld himself in “The Nightmare: A Short Story,” available on Amazon for $0.99.