About Me

As an introverted bookwyrm, stories have always been an essential part of my life. As a kid, my days were spent reading for so long that my eyes went blurry when I tried to decipher the clock. Which is probably why I need glasses.


My favorite things to do are reading until I can’t remember my own name, sitting on a bench in the shade on a sunny day, and stuffing myself with chocolate. I’m so into stories that my imagination is continuously in overdrive. I have a BA in English from Pacific Lutheran University with a concentration in Publishing and Printing Arts, and I’m a 2022 graduate of the Rainier Writing Workshop (RWW). I keep my mind sharp as a freelance editor with Girl Friday Productions, ScribeConcepts, and other fantastic professional editing services.

On the nerdy side, I was also a managing editor and contributing writer for The Daily Fandom, where academia and fandoms merge to create thoughtful (and fun!) articles — by fans for fans. I’m now a contributing writer with Collider. I also work on the archive project for Fireweed magazine.

You can keep track of my writing adventures by following me on Instagram @rachelsandell_writer and Twitter @rachelsandell_  and you can check out my first short story, “The Nightmare” on Amazon. Other stories include “The Boy with Black Eyes” (The Magic Within: A Spellbinding Anthology, 2019), “A Weighted Whisper” (SORTES magazine, Issue 3, 2020), and “Tower to Foundation” (Night Picnic Press, 2022). My newest short story, “Spectacle,” appears in Leading Edge magazine, Issue 80 (2022).