About Me

As an introverted bookwyrm, stories have always been an essential part of my life. As a kid, my days were spent reading for so long that my eyes went blurry when I tried to decipher the clock. Which is probably why I need glasses.


My favorite things to do are reading until I can’t remember my own name, sitting on a bench in the shade on a sunny day, and stuffing myself with chocolate. I’m so into stories that my imagination is continuously in overdrive. I have a BA in English from Pacific Lutheran University with a concentration in Publishing and Printing Arts, and I’m in the second year of my creative writing master’s degree with the Rainier Writing Workshop (RWW). I keep my mind sharp as a freelance editor with Girl Friday Productions and other fantastic professional editing services.

On the nerdy side, I was also a managing editor and contributing writer for The Daily Fandom, where academia and fandoms merge to create thoughtful (and fun!) articles — by fans for fans. I’m now a contributing writer with Collider. I also work on the archive project for Fireweed magazine.

You can keep track of my writing adventures by following me on Instagram @rachelsandell_writer and Twitter @rachelsandell_  and you can check out my short story, “The Nightmare” on Amazon. I also have a short story in The Magic Within: A Spellbinding Anthology, and my newest tale, “A Weighted Whisper” is in Issue #3 of SORTES Magazine!