About Me


As a crazy bookworm, stories have always been an essential part of my life. As a kid, my days were spent reading for so long that my eyes went blurry when I tried to decipher the clock. Which is probably why I need glasses.

My favorite things to do are reading until I can’t remember my own name, sitting on a bench in the shade on a sunny day, and stuffing myself with chocolate. I’m so into stories that my imagination is continuously in overdrive. I have a BA in English from Pacific Lutheran University with a concentration in Publishing and Printing Arts and started on my creative writing master’s degree with the Rainier Writing Workshop (RWW) this summer.

You can keep track of my writing adventures by following me on Instagram @rachelsandell_writer and Twitter @rachelsandell_  and you can check out my short story, “The Nightmare” on Amazon. I also have a short story in The Magic Within: A Spellbinding Anthology, released October 31st, 2019!

The Nightmare Cover



Hades, the ruler of the deadlands, finds light in the gloomiest of places and struggles to protect the only shred of innocence left in a world controlled by gods. The classic Greek myth is told from the point of view of the god of the Underworld himself in “The Nightmare: A Short Story.”






Magic often comes at a heavy price. The impossible comes to life. And, as all tales go, actions have consequences: a past decision haunts an apprentice mage as a dark-eyed daemon preys on his fear.




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