New Publication in SORTES Magazine

What’s this? A blog post on a Wednesday? How strange.

Don’t worry, there’s a good reason. First of all, this milestone really snuck up on me: This very post is the blog’s 101st article!


I can’t believe I’ve written a hundred posts here, but then again, the ole blog has been around for about a year and a half. If you’ve been here since the beginning, thanks for sticking around! And if you’re new, welcome! I hope you’ll find this blog helpful and fun.

Now, down to the big news: Recently, my short story, “A Weighted Whisper,” has been selected by SORTES Magazine to feature in its third issue! I am delighted (and more than a little irrationally nervous) for this awesome opportunity. I’m also incredibly grateful to SORTES Magazine for helping to bring “A Weighted Whisper” into the world.

Screenshot (105)

“A Weighted Whisper” is a dark fantasy short story that I wrote during my first year of the Rainier Writing Workshop (RWW). I’ve been playing around more with the short story form and am excited to see that my work has (so far) paid off!

I can’t believe this will be my third published short story in as many years. And quite honestly, I think this one is my favorite so far. I’ve learned so much with RWW, and I just know these next two years in the program will help me grow even more. Here’s to this year’s short story publication and to growth as a writer!


If you’re at all interested in reading “A Weighted Whisper,” you can visit SORTES Magazine online on August 28th to find my story in Issue #3!

For updates on other stories on SORTES, you can also follow them on Instagram @sortesmagazine and Facebook @sortesmagazine. They also have some great stories up for Issue #2 right now.


And with that, bookwyrms, I leave you until Saturday! Thank you for visiting my little writer’s corner and for helping me celebrate the new publication. Happy writing!


Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash