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Few and Far Between

Hello, bookworms! I’ve got another gift for you: more poetry! (I swear, I write fiction too.) This one I wrote to clear my mind, as I didn’t quite have the attention span to sit down and work on my manuscript.

In any case, here it is! I hope you enjoy!


Few and Far Between

Few and far between

are the seconds you allow

a finger to tap my ivory skin.


Dust gathers over my arms,

a fuzzy grey coat.

I try to sing, but my voice


sticks like molasses

in my lungs. Syllable

after syllable is sucked down,


never seen again.

The effect it takes to push it up

is too heavy for my creaking bones.


Day and night I’ve waited

and wondered

when you will return.


Tickle me lightly;

I promise I’ll laugh this time.

My voice will rise


and soar, and though I can’t promise

perfection, I will give you 

back your smile.


The way you close your eyes

as your upper arms buckle,

fingers meticulously moving,


touching each key

to unlock my voice.

I am encased


in wood, a casket, 

and set upon 

by meaningless baskets;


spare keys,

porcelain figurines,

useless things that should


make you feel serene

but have failed you.

You blink hard


and furrow your brows;

your resting face is blank and 

a little sad, like sagging wet paper.


When did I fail you?

What did I say

to drive your touch away?


I’ll never say it again,

even if I never speak again.

Tap me lightly,


and I’ll be silent.

Caress me again,

and I’ll tell you


whatever it is you want

to hear. Only, don’t walk past me

one more time.


Look at me with something 

in your eyes

like a dying fire.


Use my limbs

as kindling.

Only, come back.


Touch me lightly,

and I’ll teach you

how to smile again.


Photo by Tadas Mikuckis on Unsplash