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Dear Wayfarer

Hello, my friends! Now that the Lord of the Rings blog series has finished, I realized that it’s been a while since I shared some poetry with you.

So, here you go: your latest poetry fix! This one’s a little more ambiguous, but it holds a special place in my heart. Enjoy!


Dear wayfarer,

Splash, splash,

fall, crash,

battle beast and fiery foe.

Blast, blast,

quick: dash,

journey to worlds ne’er seen before.

follow the cry,

with your far-sighted eye

that sees the seas swell

in excitement.

Sail, sail,

hear the wail

of winds and waves that wreck.

Fail, fail,

and tell the tale

of your exploits when you come back.

Back home, home,

the echo and drone,

where I sit waiting

with brown parchment write

the worlds, the lands,

far as I stretch my hands,

this as far as I e’er go.

So go, go

through sun and snow,

wandering wilderness with 

no compass.

Learn, learn,

build and burn,

and tell me everything

when you return.

Awaiting your story,

The Scribe


Photo by Katherine McCormack on Unsplash