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It Calls in Echoes

I’m back! And I have another poem for you: This one was written for a class on the epistolary form, which taught me the value of letter-writing in terms of theme and usefulness.

While this one hasn’t been published anywhere, it’s one of my favorites, so I hope you enjoy it!


My dear treasure:

I’ve found you at last,

small, strong,

an easy shatter; intact


no ocean can measure

the beauty in the abandon

the wonder in this child’s heart

the wide eyes

the strangled gasp

do the adults roll their eyes

at you or me?


You, empty, are still glossy

you, echoing, are still strong

you do not break little brittle bark

in an enclosed palm, or

surrounded by battalions of rocks

if the sea cannot hurt you, nothing can.


Life once thrived within your winding body,

a home, a burden, a protection

but now you are vacated

scattered among the skipping rocks

as the sand sails through the hourglass

and you stand alone.


Through the misty rain, heaving waves,

the sun’s sizzling rays

you stand,





You have not broken, yet

the churning beast has chewed you up,

spit you out, here you lay,

on the dead shore,

your twisted form wondering

if there is more than this;

how empty is the sea to one speck of sand?


Shatter, wonder,

strong, brittle

battalions, winding,

sand, rain

waves, rays, you stand


dead, twisted, empty



one speck of sand.


I’ve found you at last,

my dear treasure.

How has this fragility found

the perfect vessel?


May I hang you round my porcelain neck,

rusty dove,

as the ocean calls us from within?


Photo by Biel Morro on Unsplash