New Short Story Coming Soon!

It’s happening again!

My newest short story has been accepted for publication! This time around, the feedback I got from submissions made me so happy, as I found out that there were actually two magazines interested in my short story. I’m very happy to say that my dark fantasy piece, “Tower to Foundation,” will be published in the February issue of Night Picnic.

My new short story, "Tower to Foundation," will appear in the February 2022 issue of Night Picnic!

Night Picnic is a super cool bilingual literary journal that not only publishes short stories, but also poetry, novels, novellas, plays, interviews, essays, and more. They already have four volumes out, and “Tower to Foundation” will appear in the next one! I’m super excited by this opportunity and super grateful to Night Picnic for helping me bring “Tower to Foundation” into the world. I’m very proud of this short story, so it’s an exciting time!

The story itself is a dark fantasy short story about a young girl who is forced to take one a heavy burden for her village and hopes for a way to gain her freedom — by any means necessary. Its setting has a lot in common with the Rapunzel fairy tale (as the title implies, it involves a tower), but I actually didn’t have this in mind at all as I was writing the story. The premise is borrowed from a Candlemass song, “Bearer of Pain,” that my brother pointed out to me as something I would write about. And he was right: it’s dark and magical, which is right up my alley!

This will be my fourth published short story and my second short story that appears in a literary journal. I can’t begin to describe how elated I am that people are interested in the stories I tell. Thank you so, so much for reading — the blog, as well as my stories, if you have checked them out or are planning to. It really means a lot to me!

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash