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Sweet Nothings

I love your sweet nothings,

little kisses you drop

landing on the back of my neck

like raindrops, splish,


splash, or like a soft knock

on my bedroom door,

tap, tap, tap,

may I come in?


The pad of your thumb

paces across my hairline,

smoothing my edges;

make me whole.


Lately, I’ve been feeling halved,

cut not down the middle,

like scissors

gliding through paper,


but rather, like one side

of a grapefruit,

guts ripped out and devoured,

my sweetness vanished.


How much grace

will you

gift me,

my other half, 


my better half,

as you drizzle kisses

on the top of my head

like maple syrup on pancakes?


I love your



they fill me up again.


Photo by Luke Pennystan on Unsplash