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My favorite type of story to write is a fantasy adventure, and my favorite story structure is the YA novel. So, I guess one for two isn’t bad! Instead of a novel, here’s a poem based on one of my old WIPs. Hopefully, someday the story will see the light of day. But for now, enjoy this little taste!



Hear it: 

The drums of thunder rolling,

lightning cracking,

thrown from heaven’s fists.



The swell of marching armies,

the sighs of surrender

blown on the wind.


A mighty roar.

Mighty, as is my foe.

Death looms,

knocking on the splintering door.


If all else fails

and I hold my ground,

before darkness’s embrace,

let me hear this last sound:


The beating of a brave heart.

the panting of a thirsting soul.

The singing of my men ’round me,

like the days of old.


The raging battle cry,

the kind that will never cease.

If this be my last day,

let this last breath mean something.



The sound of breathless gasps.

The sting of steel 

against the metal helm.



Hope flees, a hiss of breath,

a dying sigh.

In the battle, there am I.


If all else falls

as I lift my hands,

before death take me,

I pray I see strength in this stand.


The beat of the brave hearts.

The panting of the thirsting souls.

The singing of your men ’round us,

like the days of old.


The raging battle cries,

the kind that will never cease.

If this be our last day,

let our last song mean something.



The sound

of the raging voice,

the shaking ground


of the bravest heart

beat sure and true,

of the morning,

of the sky so blue


As the battle starts,

we look to the skies.

May the heaven hear

our battle cries.


A mighty roar

before we are no more,

the meaning of a brave heart

and of a thirsting soul.


Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash