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Tugs and Plucks

I wanted to share a poem with you today: originally, I had an idea in mind for a poem, and that idea completely abandoned me. I never got that idea back, but I complained loudly enough for a fellow writer to hear. He suggested writing a poem about forgetting an idea. So, here it is!

If you want to check out my buddy’s poem (and you totally should), then check it out over on his Instagram page and tell him how much you love it!


Tugs and Plucks

I wander in a mist 

that swirls at my 

tingling fingers


and plucks

at the ends of my hair

and pinches


the skin of my cheek.

If I could hold 

the hand of a memory 



could I then 

tug back


and earn a ghost’s smile?

Or would the mist

laugh and dissolve,


disappearing into the place

where every lost spark

still flickers?


Photo by Cole Patrick on Unsplash