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The Magic Within Interview: Matthew Dewar

Hello, fellow bookworms! I have a special treat for you today. Since today is Halloween…and, oh yeah, I guess THERE’S A VERY SPECIAL ANTHOLOGY OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED…I thought I’d briefly interview an author of the JL anthology to help you get to know a little more about the writers who are featured in The Magic Within.

Nine stories come to life in fantasy anthology imbued with magic and mayhem.

Please welcome our very special guest: Matthew Dewar!


Rachel Sandell: Hi Matthew! Your story, “The Cost of Magic,” will appear in the JL Anthology Volume VIII today! How did you come up with the idea for your story, and how has it challenged you as a writer?

Matthew Dewar:  I wanted to include an element of my work as a physiotherapist. Quite often we see nose bleeds and fainting as a side effect of using magic in media, so I wanted to explore that a bit deeper as well as showcase the “magic” of rehabilitation.

“The Cost of Magic” features a young witch who is punished for using dark magic she has no idea of performing.

RS: What are your other hobbies besides writing?

MD:  I walk my two dogs and go to the gym every day. Physical activity helps clear my mind and sometimes helps me get through writer’s block or wrap my head around a plot hole. I also enjoy baking, reading, finding bargains online, and drinking coffee.

RS: What other project have you worked on? And are you working on any new projects?

MD: I’ve been a part of six other JL Anthologies, as well as several Seven Deadly Sins Anthologies. I’m currently working on the sequel to my Nightmare Stories, as well as a few young adult novels that are at various stages of completion.

RS: Exciting! And now, perhaps the most important question: If you were a witch or wizard, what would your first spell be?

MD: I would bewitch my house to be self-cleaning. Housework takes up so much precious time, and it needs to be redone all the time!

If you want to learn more about Matthew Dewar and his projects, you can visit his Twitter page for more info!

And if you’re interested in nine magical short stories to read this holiday season, check out The Magic Within, where you can find “The Cost of Magic” among the eight other fantastic stories.