The Magic Within

Guys, guys, guys! I’m so excited because I have news for you!


I’ve been waiting for months to talk about this new development, and now that it’s closer to The Right Time, I might as well talk about it now: My second short story will be published soon!

About a year ago, I joined an online critique group through Scribophile, which really helped me see my WIPs through someone else’s eyes. A fresh perspective is always a plus when it comes to writing a story, especially with as far as I am in the writing process for a few particular stories.

Scribophile’s members host writing contests, writing communities, and overall support for each other. It’s a very fun place to work on stories and help other people see their own stories in different ways.

This is where I heard about a call for submissions from Rowanwood Publishing, LLC. Rowanwood has published several topical anthologies in genres ranging from superhero stories to ghost stories to fairy tale retellings. This time around, the prompt for writers was “witches and wizards,” which is exactly in my wheelhouse. Fantasy stories are my forte!


Long story short (HAHAHA), my second published short story will appear in Rowanwood Publishing’s JL Anthology #8, The Magic Within: A Spellbinding Anthology. The book itself is now available for eBook preorder, and it’s FREE with Kindle Unlimited! It’ll be published on October 31, 2019.

The Nightmare Cover

You want to know what’s really funny about all this? October 31, 2019 is exactly one year after I published “The Nightmare: A Short Story” in 2018.

Sometimes I really feel dejected about seeking and working toward a career in writing because it feels like I’m going nowhere. That’s why my heart grows 154 sizes when something like this happens!

Compared to a lot of other, more successful writers, having two published short stories might seem like a minuscule accomplishment. But I’m happy just to have my work out there in the world!

I can’t help but be excited out of my mind, you guys. Especially when you take a look at this cover…

The Magic Within WRAP

I mean, how gorgeous is this? Look at the gold and the brown and the AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

The story I wrote for this anthology is called “The Boy with Black Eyes.” It’s a dark fantasy short story about a young witch’s apprentice who is haunted by a single decision made in his past…and a creepy monster that won’t leave him alone.

I can’t wait to hold this book in my hands! With “The Nightmare,” which was only published in eBook form, I couldn’t exactly hold it and admire it physically unless I used my phone. This will be the first time I’ve ever held my own published work in my own two hands.

And I haven’t even mentioned one of the best parts of all this! The other short stories are absolutely stunning, and I’m so honored to work with so many talented and hard-working authors. Heather Hayden, Matthew Dewar, and Shannon Yukumi (who played an instrumental role in making “The Boy with Black Eyes” the beautiful baby it is now) are all wonderful writers, and that’s not even the full list! The anthology also boasts Allie May, Renee Harvey, J.L Bernard, and Kelsie Engen, who are all amazing!

So, when October 31st rolls around, there will be great rejoicing! I can’t wait for you guys to read this wonderful collection, and I can’t wait to continue my writing journey with this accomplishment warm in my pocket.