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Your Wealth of Silence

So, I’m still far from fully understanding poetry, but I admit that it’s such a fun and interesting form of writing. The genre allows me to explore the deeper meaning behind events in my own life, as well as the world around me. There’s a sense of exploration and sometimes even mystery that I like to unravel in these little poem experiments of mine. I just love discovering how certain objects, activities, and people take shape in poem form.

As one of my earlier poems that I penned in my freshman year of grad school, this one is centered around one of my favorite objects in the world: books. Enjoy!


Your Wealth of Silence


I sit on my dusty perch

full of secrets I must blurt

in silence, and trust that you

will build worlds of your own.


How many words must I give

to speak and make you believe

in every impossible thing

and bring tears to your eyes.


Laughter to your lips,

bursts of grief and joy

in your heart of hearts

and confront your worst of fears.


My markings reach your eyes

the second you reach me

your arm stretching to touch and grasp

what others do not understand.


Histories are trapped in my clapped hands

mysteries of the world and the life of man;

run your gaze over me and guess what you can see

all the universe in the apple of your eye.


Photo by Austin Ban on Unsplash