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Why hello again! I’ve got another poem for you, and this one’s a little different. Much like What Do You Say, a poem that I wrote while inspired by one of my WIPs (works in progress), this poem is inspired by a fantastical WIP (a story that I won’t go into just yet). 

For now, I hope you enjoy yet another attempt at poetry!




Hello midnight,

have you been waiting long?

   It’s been years since

   I’ve seen you last.

   You were a sunrise,

         scattering morning’s heights


         and I laugh because

         I have run myself dry.


Blue mornings have

   come and gone

         I follow the memories north.


Hello midnight,

your cool breeze stabs me


         I want to fly like

         wandering thoughts.


Each year you’ve watched,

how keenly you climbed

the stack of moments

till I arrive.


Here at our meeting

   I’m suddenly beseeching

         your beams to heed me

         in my last call.


Do I stand steady?

I’m not at all ready,

   who will catch me

   when I fall?

Does my back bend?

Do I stand straight?


I wait:

it’s almost the end –

   I’m weeping to the wind –

   part-way to paradise –

mid-plea to midnight –

when will my





I wait –

   till dark extinguish

   the light in my eyes –


Hello midnight,

have you been waiting long?



Photo by John Silliman on Unsplash