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What Do You Say

It’s no longer Poetry Month, but the argument can be made that every month should be poetry month. Regardless, I thought I’d share another poem that’s closely related to my current WIP (work in progress), which I might be doing a post on soon.

For now, here we go!


What do you say?



what does it mean to you?

A winding clock,

a chicken’s cluck.

She smells like boiling stew.



day gone by,

a musty study

full of old things.

He is deceptive—so look him right in the eye.


What have they made for us?

What can we make of it?



what did she mean to you?

A trilling laugh,

a broken pot.

Here she lies, buried in the backyard.



the sun sets, and what are we to do?

Days of diligence,

a red sunset.

Well, what does it mean to you?



I was hoping you would say…

Photo by Ethan on Unsplash