July 2019 Reads

I had some fantastic reading this month, guys! I highly recommend checking out all these books, as they’re all well worth the read!

Here are my three favorites from this month:



City of Bastards, Andrew Shvarts

Andrew Shvarts is back to break my heart yet again! This book is everything I wanted from the sequel to Royal Bastards, and it even gave me things I didn’t even know I wanted: mystery, intrigue, political backstabbing…I loved every moment. Dark, emotional, plenty of twists. Sign me up for a third!


Pedro Paramo, Juan Rulfo

This book is quite the experience! While Preciado tries to find his estranged father in his mother’s hometown, he finds only a town of ghosts and echoes. Very surreal in nature, Pedro Paramo’s magical realism is both sad and haunting. Every plotline was woven into another, creating a strong sense of relationship even in a ghost town. I had to go back and read certain areas to truly understand them because this isn’t a genre I normally read, but I enjoyed the adventure.


Wilders, Cass Kim

Solid world-building, great flow, and easy-to-like characters! Wilders was a real treat to read. I found myself on the edge of my seat and blowing through chapters to find out what happens next. The only thing holding me back from giving this story the highest praise is that it ended too soon for me. I wanted more: more time with the characters, more length to their arcs, and more exploration into what this new world might look like. I definitely recommend this book, though. It’ll leave you wanting more, after all!

Photo by Alvin Balemesa on Unsplash