March 2019 Reads (Goodreads)

Another month of amazing books! Here are some of my favorite reads that I found in the month of March…


Her Body and Other Parties, Carmen Maria Machado

This is such an interesting read, combining dark legends and crime with contemporary situations. The twisted tone is engaging to say the least, and “The Husband Stitch,” especially made fantastic use of this.

There is one issue that’s unique to me, and that’s the graphic sexual scenes. Scenes like these make me very uncomfortable, and while I think that’s the point of including them at some points, it’s just not my thing. This is definitely a rating that works for me and might be different for others.


Arch Enemies, Marissa Meyer

What an amazing book! This second installment of the Renegades trilogy had me on the edge of my seat, geeking out over all the fun superhero powers and tense situations, and loving every single character (except a select few). I read most of this book in one sitting, and I could not get enough.

The tension stays high, the characters are amazing, and the twists and turns are so good that I audibly gasped at some parts. Descriptions are beautiful as well, especially with Adrian and Callum as characters. Beautifully done!

I can’t wait until book 3. This book is highly recommended!


Night Film, Marisha Pessl

Scott McGrath, disgraced reporter, is given the opportunity to investigate the story that got away when the daughter of Cordova, an eccentric film director, dies under mysterious circumstances.

This is a gripping mystery with plenty of suspenseful, well-paced scenes that contribute to an all-around page-turner. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel right up until the end, which, to be honest, left me a little disappointed.

There is such a wonderfully-crafted, creepy, suspenseful build-up, and I wish that the ending delivered. Honestly, the themes in this story are very clear even during the more abstract scenes, and the characters are extremely likable. I loved the experience. I got wrapped up in the quick action, the intrigue, and the unraveling of Cordova’s mysteries. My only gripe is how it all plays out; regardless, I found that it was worth the read.

I recommend trying Night Film yourself and seeing if you can guess the twists and turns (I know I couldn’t)!

song of the dryad

Song of the Dryad, Natalia Leigh

This is such a charming, beautiful read! Song of the Dryad follows Charlotte, who can see fairies and other magical creatures with a gift called the Sight. When a dryad steals her mother away, Charlotte is launched into an adventure of beauty, mystery, and rich lore.

My favorite parts of this book have to be the breath-taking descriptions, the behavior of the magical creatures (who all had their own personalities and were charming in their own right), and the romantic moments that left me feeling bright and hopeful. Even when darker moments in the story are tinged with a pinch of magic.

The only moment that took me out of the story was the climax, where one of the characters seemed to appear for this sole purpose and made the climax feel a bit quick. But everything else is wonderfully crafted! I highly recommend this book for lovers of fairies and enchanted lands.


Mapping the Interior, Stephen Graham Jones

Mostly because it left me feeling extremely depressed and I don’t care for that feeling, this review will be very biased toward my feelings toward horror and how I like to feel when I read a book.

12-year-old Junior finds himself in a bind when his deceased father comes back from the dead to join his family. This is an engaging read, to be sure. I read it all in one sitting because I just had to find out what happens next! The overall tone is very dark and creepy, and at the first sight of blood, I was so startled and uncomfortable. But that’s the idea.

This book is an absolute success when it comes to being scary and creepy, and I do care for the characters as well. And although the climax is a little hard to wrap my mind around, it makes sense in a very abstract way. At the end of the day, though, I’m probably not the target audience for this story.

If you love horror, though, then I’d say this is a very well-crafted story that could be suited just for you!


Honestly, this was a really good month for me! I didn’t read as much as I would have liked, but the books that I did read left me satisfied (for the most part)! Here’s to another month of fantastic reads in April…

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash