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When I think of all the writers who have inspired me over the years, I can name several books and authors that I’ve loved since I was a kid. But recently, I’ve been able to find even more inspiration online, what with the growing writing community on YouTube.

Here are some authors who have YouTube channels and are super helpful: they give advice on the writing craft, marketing, self-publishing, and more!

1. Writing with Jenna Moreci

This was the person who inspired me to self-publish. Her channel offers valuable writing advice and marketing expertise made even more fun by Jenna’s humor and no-nonsense explanations. If you’re looking for videos that are both useful and entertaining, you should consider joining her cyborg army.

She’s the author of Eve: The Awakening and The Savior’s Champion, both of which are examples of her fantastic writing in sci-fi and fantasy.

2. Vivien Reis

This author’s channel provides how-to videos on everything that has to do with the writing craft, from marketing to the daily writing process. With great organization and well-articulated advice, Vivien presents a friendly voice to help you on your writing journey.

She’s the author of The Elysian Prophecy, which also happens to be her debut fantasy novel.

3. Cloud Kitten Chronicles

Run by Josh and Megan Tennant and covers a wide range of writer-focused topics. Writing tips, lists, books, and personal stories are all part of this channel. I especially enjoy hearing about tropes in fiction, so their StoryTube playlist is a great resource for me.

Megan Tennant also wrote a dark dystopian novel, Aletheia, book 1 in her Seventh River series. She’s also the host behind Indiecember, a wonderful event that happened that in December 2018 to show support for indie authors.

4. J.L. Willow

This author has a smaller channel, but the content is top-notch! Here, you can find tips and tricks, Julia’s personal stories along with her writing journey, and even a NaNoWriMo playlist that helps you prep for that crazy month of November.

Julia is the author of YA novel, The Scavenger. Her next book, a paranormal thriller titled Missing Her, will be available May 2019.

5. Overly Sarcastic Productions

This channel specializes in animated summaries of classical stories, from Dracula to Greek myths to historical events. Red and Blue are amazingly organized and informative, as well as delightfully sarcastic (hence the channel name).

My personal favorite segment is Trope Talk, which breaks down both classic and modern tropes in fiction, complete with examples from several books, movies, and TV shows, a wide range of pop-culture references. For informative and entertaining summaries complete with charming animations, give this channel a look-see!

6. Hello Future Me

This channel is basically a book nerd’s dream. With special emphasis on fantasy stories, Tim Hickson explores theories behind his favorite magical stories from Lord of the Rings to How to Train Your Dragon to Avatar: The Last Airbender. But the videos I find most helpful are his On Writing videos that provide examples from each of these stories. It’s obvious that a lot of work and research goes into it, and I loved learning about dragons in some of his newest additions.

Tim’s book about worldbuilding, appropriately titled On Writing and Worldbuilding, will soon be available to purchase. Check out the book and the channel, if Supreme Leader Mishka wills it.

7. Natalia Leigh

Natalia’s channel is very casual and personable, and it includes many, many vlogs, writer goals, and live streams. She’s a freelance editor and runs indie publishing house, Enchanted Ink Publishing, so she has a lot to say about both the writing craft and how to edit and organize on the more technical side.

Natalia’s is the author of Highborn, Way of Spears, and Song of the Dryad (the last of which is especially enchanting).

8. Mandi Lynn

This channel offers many resources for writers, including NaNoWriMo vlogs, tips on self-publishing, and videos on marketing, as well as a collection of awesome videos called YA Ink. Mandi’s other resource, AuthorTube Academy, will also help you start your own channel on YouTube if you’re feeling so inclined!

Mandi is the author of Essence, I Am Mercy, and She’s Not Here (the first being especially introspective and heart-pinching).


These are only a few of my favorite YouTubers who specialize in writing. As my list just kept growing, I realized that I needed to trim it way down for a single post. I’m sure you’ll get some helpful advice from their videos just like I did. Give them a try and see what you think!

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash