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Writing Advice from the Greats

What a fine day for random writing advice from amazing authors! If you're having trouble focusing on your NaNoWriMo project and want some inspiration (or just a distraction), I've got you! For no particular reason, I want to share with you some advice/inspiration for writing terribly, writing description, and writing speculative fiction. Why these three… Continue reading Writing Advice from the Greats

Book Talk, Tips and Tricks, Writers' Resource

Competitions for Speculative Fiction Writers

Hello there! So recently, I was flipping through¬†Writer's Market 2019 (if you haven't already seen a copy of this newest edition or even one of the older ones, I highly recommend it because it's an amazingly resourceful book). I was looking for competitions for works of speculative fiction because, well, that's mainly what I write.… Continue reading Competitions for Speculative Fiction Writers