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9 More Engrossing Webtoons

A while back, I listed a dozen of my favorite WEBTOON series — but there are still more I want to recommend, especially since it’s been a minute since the last list and I’ve discovered new stories in that time. In addition to the previous list, these WEBTOON stories are worth a read (I’ve even binged several of them). Have a look-see and maybe discover your new favorite comic.

Parallel City

Parallel City was created by Goda on WEBTOON.
Parallel City, Goda. WEBTOON.

Ever gotten the strange sensation that you aren’t the only “you” in the world? When doppelgangers begin to infiltrate the city as people start to disappear, parkour artist Min is faced with the mystery of his best friend’s reappearance and the sighting of his own likeness — and this second “Min” is out for blood.

With an exhilarating dose of action, mystery, and multiverse shenanigans, Goda’s Parallel City is one of the best action-packed sci-fi series on WEBTOON. This is definitely one of those series I want to read in a paperback volume, if it ever comes out.

Cursed Princess Club

Cursed Princess Club was created by LambCat on WEBTOON.
Cursed Princess Club, LambCat. WEBTOON.

When life is one big fairy tale, the one thing that can shatter a princess’s pastel world is being called ugly. While her sisters both exemplify the typical fairy-tale beauty, Princess Gwen has a green complexion, buggy eyes, and dry stringy hair. When her fiancĂ© points out that she is “ugly,” Gwen’s self-image is destroyed, leading her to seek refuge in the Cursed Princess Club, a group of outcast princesses cursed with various afflictions. With the help of her new friends, Gwen goes on a journey to regain her self-confidence — and maybe even find a little romance along the way.

LambCat’s Cursed Princess Club is stylistically beautiful, with adorably unique characters and a fun plot that is anything but predictable. There’s even music that goes along with the story, a soundtrack that fits well with the overall whimsical tone. If you love fairy tales and are looking for comedic subversions that leave you feeling happier than before you started reading, this is the WEBTOON for you!

Safely Endangered

Safely Endangered was created by Chris McCoy on WEBTOON.
Safely Endangered, Chris McCoy. WEBTOON.

Speaking of comedy, Safely Endangered is a series of 700+ short comics. From relatable but silly circumstances to storylines that verge on being shower thoughts, these four-panel comics never fail to get a chuckle out of me.

I consider this comic and Adventures of God to be in the same category of short but satisfying fun. Chris McCoy’s Safely Endangered is the way to go if you’re in a hurry but need your quick dose of comedy.

Loving Reaper

Loving Reaper was created by Jenny Jinya on WEBTOON.
Loving Reaper, Jenny Jinya. WEBTOON.

The Grim Reaper is one of the most misunderstood figures, in my opinion. Though no one wants to confront death itself, Jenny Jinya’s version of the Reaper is soft-hearted and handles souls with care. Be careful if you’re a sensitive crier, though: this series, while wholesome and warm, also features sad storylines and tear-jerking scenarios. The combination of sadness and warmth makes for a truly special experience.

One of the great aspects of this series is Jinya’s ability to speak to issues involving animal cruelty in a way that doesn’t come off as preachy, but rather handles the topic sensitively and with passion. Loving Reaper is truly something special, so you won’t want to miss out on it.

Waffles & Pancakes

Waffles & Pancakes was created by DT Saranya on WEBTOON.
Waffles & Pancakes, DT Saranya. WEBTOON.

And now, back to good old campy fun! Best friends Kaia and Aiden navigate college and life together, despite being total opposites. Prepare to enter a realm of chaotic hijinks, as an introvert and an extrovert goof off and indulge in the occasional emotional beat. Mostly, though, they just explore the weirdest parts of themselves and each other, making friends along the way. (Beware of strong language and sexual references if you aren’t into that kind of thing.)

Now that the series has ended with its 500th episode, now is the perfect time to binge it all and join Kaia and Aiden on their adventures. Luckily, DT Saranya mentioned in the final episode’s note that more comics are coming, even if they won’t be related to Waffles & Pancakes. Looking forward to more from this hilarious creator!

The Little Trashmaid

The Little Trashmaid was created by s0s2 on WEBTOON.
The Little Trashmaid, s0s2. WEBTOON.

The beautiful, magical undersea world of Disney’s little mermaid doesn’t necessarily translate to the real world. Tidy, a curious and energetic mermaid living in the filthy polluted waters of the ocean, meets a boy one day on the beach. From there, a friendship group blossoms, opening the eyes of Tidy’s friends to just how filthy her ocean home is and how they might help their new friend by being more…well, tidy.

This is such a charming comic, in that it doesn’t even need to have words to get the point across, whether it’s dialogue or plot. The friendship between Tidy and the two boys who make friends with her is adorable, and with the recent introduction of her merman friend, Tidy’s relationships seem to be moving in a positive direction. Much like Loving Reaper, s0s2’s The Little Trashmaid clearly has a message but is anything but preachy about it. Tidy’s story is cute and fun, and I can’t wait to see how her relationships develop further.

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures was written by CRC Payne with artist StarBite. It can be read for free on WEBTOON.
Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, CRC Payne and StarBite. WEBTOON.

With so many dark and brooding Batman stories out there, it’s so refreshing to have a brand-new comic that focuses solely on the family fun that the Wayne family has between dark vigilante storylines. Did you think you’d ever read a slice of life comic centered around the Dark Knight? I definitely didn’t, but I am so glad this exists! It’s basically everything I could ever want from a Batman story.

With art by StarBite (aka Rhett Bloom) and writing by CRC Payne, Batman: Wayne Family Adventures is a fun, behind-the-scenes look at the extended Wayne family and their goofy day-to-day life. Even though the comic just started (there are only five episodes, as of right now), the comic is already among my favorites on WEBTOON. If you’re a DC nerd and love Batman (and Robin…or, all the Robins), definitely check this one out!

Rise from Ashes

Rise from Ashes was created by Madeleine Rosca on WEBTOON.
Rise from Ashes, Madeleine Rosca. WEBTOON.

Why can’t a ghost just haunt her house in peace? Though she’s already dead, Winter’s troubles are just beginning when she’s roped into a battle between mortals and the restlessly dead. Between the Red Crows organization of humans and the less-than-friendly ghosts that Winter encounters, she is far from ready to face even her own past.

Madeleine Rosca’s Rise from Ashes completed in December, rounding out an action-adventure ghost story with its fair share of intrigue.

Ghost Teller

Ghost Teller was created by QTT on WEBTOON.
Ghost Teller, QTT. WEBTOON.

This is not your typical ghost story. In fact, this isn’t just one ghost story. One night, the restless spirits of the dead and murdered get together to tell each other how scary the living are, adding a nuanced spin to the tales we tell each other around the camp fire. The unfortunate fate of each ghost is told straight from the original source, and as all truths come to light, one fact becomes undeniable: ghosts are the least scary part of this story.

A ghost story told from the perspective of the ghosts is an interesting concept to me, but it isn’t just the concept that makes QTT’s Ghost Teller pop. The art style is beautiful, the stories themselves range from tragic to truly messed up, and the ghosts can be extremely likable as they’re humanized in each vignette. This is one of the series that first got me into horror on WEBTOON, so I highly recommend it as we’re coming up on the Halloween season.


Well, I have now given a grand total of 21 WEBTOON comic recommendations, and there are still some great ones out there that didn’t make it on these lists. Check them out for yourself, explore the app, and have fun!

Photo by WEBTOON