Why, Hello!

I didn’t see you there.


Welcome to my website’s first blog post! Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m a bookworm who constantly thinks about the craft of story in everything I read and watch, books and movies both. There’s nothing I love more than dissecting narrative craft in my favorite stories, from The Lord of the Rings to Marvel’s The Avengers.

I can’t stop thinking about the beautiful world-building of Throne of Glass, J.K. Rowling’s amazing webs of mystery, and Leigh Bardugo’s fantastic characters! There’s so much to be learned from them.

(I’ve got a lot more examples, but we’ll get to them eventually…)

I’m also an overworked college senior working toward my BA in creative writing with a minor in publishing and printing arts, and I’ve recently celebrated my very first publication, The Nightmare: A Short Story. Despite all that, I still somehow have time to write my own novels.

There. That should just about do it. Now that you know a little about me and what you can find on this site, feel free to check out my other posts, and we’ll have some fun!


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